What’s that new building with the big red roof at Hartshorn Farm?

It’s the new “Pavilion” (thanks in large part to the donated building materials and labor of family members). We broke ground the first week of August. We were lucky that only the foundation was in place when the flood hit. Otherwise we would have been trying to catch large pieces of wood in addition to the floating pumpkins and squash.
Over the past few years we’ve been looking at ways to grow the farm and making plans. We know that creating value added products with what we grow is one way to go. Just like last year, we will have a few baked goods, some canned and frozen organic fruits and veggies, as well as some new offerings.
In the coming years, our big focus will be on “agritourism”- attracting visitors from out of state (and within) to enjoy and learn from a farm experience. We especially like the idea of attracting more out of town folks to the Valley to help build the local economy. As they say, a rising tide lifts all boats.
Towards that end we will be offering farm tours and a variety of workshops on various aspects of organic farming, healthy food, raising healthy happy animals, green living and alternative health. Word has it there will even be a fairie house tour through a wooded section of the farm.
At some point in the future, we will be building a couple of tree houses for farm guests to stay in, while also offering more “upscale” lodging at nearby local inns and Steadfast Farm’s beautiful farm apartment.
There will be some new animals at the farm to educate and entertain visitors, and to provide beautiful fiber, healthful eggs and meat.
We are going to have a midweek farmer’s market and hope to have farm to table dinners with local chefs preparing delicious, healthful meals with ingredients freshly picked from the farm.
We want to build a clay pizza oven in the pavilion so we can create farm fresh pizzas with our own ingredients. (And buy the cheese and flour locally too). There will be a children’s “pizza” garden out front to demonstrate what ingredients are grown on the farm that go into a pizza.
What do you think? is there something you’d like to see that isn’t already mentioned?

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