Register for our Food, Healing & Wellness Retreat Programs. Only 6 per session.

Are you a woman seeking a profound shift in your life?

Join us for our 5 day/night, organic farm based, Food, Healing & Wellness Retreat Program for women. You will not come out thinking the same way as you did going in. You WILL come out refreshed, renewed, empowered, deeply connected to who you are at a soul level with a clearer idea of your life purpose, grounded and more connected to the Earth and it’s creatures with new friends.

Eat nourishing organic whole foods; try juicing and a raw food dinner; spend a day with horses learning about yourself and how you show up in the world; get a taste of different wellness tools, such as herbs, aromatherapy, acupunture, sound healing, massage, and more. Do a daily mindfulness practice-choosing how to respond to life’s ups and downs instead of react–with more peace and balance. Plant, weed, and harvest and learn what it takes to grow organic food with an organic farmer (Dave Hartshorn). Go for a hike, swim in the river, have a farm pizza dinner. And, so much more.

Only 6 women per program. First one starts on Summer Solstice, June 21. Sign up now.


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