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The Official Hartshorn Farm website is This is an old site.

For some reason this site is not disabling and sending you to the current Hartshorn Farm site, which is

Find us there.


Dave and Amy


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Strawberry picking today–nearing the end, get


The rains didn’t devastate the strawberries, but they are on their way out. We’ve been picking for 3 weeks. We do have pick your own today. $5 per quart. or you can purchase already picked berries for $7 per quart. Picking until 5pm today.

berry heart

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Amy’s Your Turning Point Wellness Retreats This Summer

RetreatTPR   amyYTP inset

Dave’s partner, Amy, is leading three 5 day/5 night all inclusive retreats for women this summer. Dave will be teaching the organic gardening portion. It’s for any woman seeking a profound shift in her life. The theme is how to Think, Feel & Live Healthier.

How To Become A Healthier Person

Start by learning what healthy food is and how to grow it under the guidance of Dave, one of Vermont’s most experienced and very popular organic farmers.

Watch and learn as local Chefs prepare delicious organic meals.

Experience the benefits of daily raw, organic fruit and vegetable juices.

Feel the health benefits of an organic raw food meal.

How to Stay Healthy Both Physically and Emotionally

Learn about healing with a variety of wellness tools: herbs, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, acupuncture, healing touch, energy work, yoga, hiking, and swimming.

Develop a daily mindfulness and meditation practice. Learn how to calmly respond rather than react.

Some of the benefits of mindfulness and meditation are: reduces stress, helps you know yourself better, improves comprehension, lowers depression, improves emotional processing, and improves sleep.

How to Find And Express Your Authentic Self

Experience how to find and relate to others from the real you through life coaching exercises during the retreat.

Learn ways to create safe, non-judgmental spaces for others so that honest communication can result.

Participate in the extraordinary opportunity provided by horses to experience your authentic self. Horses look for authenticity and leadership from others including humans. They have the ability to sense both the energy and intent of others. They can detect a person’s underlying feelings and emotions and respond accordingly. There is much that we can learn about ourselves from horses.

In horse world, the one who moves the other’s feet is the leader. When you lead a horse, the true leader is the one in front. If the horse leads you, this suggests that they don’t see you as the leader. Chances are that humans are picking up on the same energy. This is valuable feedback that helps us learn why the horse doesn’t see us as a leader and what we can do to change that view of us.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

— George Bernard Shaw

We offer 3 retreat programs this summer which run Sunday through Friday. July 19–24, August 16-21, and September 13-18. Space is limited to 6 people in each program.

For more information and to sign up, check out Amy’s retreat website

Some scholarship money is available to help with the tuition.

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Monday, Strawberry Picking Today (10-5) While Strawberries Last!



This has been a fabulous strawberry season that is nearing the end. Come and get ’em while they last. See you at the farm.

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Pick Your Own Strawberries Friday and Saturday


It’s been an amazing strawberry season so far–two weeks early. Lots of strawberries for sale in the farm stand , AND pick your own tomorrow, Friday from 9-5 and Saturday 10-5. See you ’round the farm.





berry heart

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Pick Your Own Organic Strawberries—Two weeks early!




Pick Your Own Organic Strawberries at the Farm this weekend.
(Route 100. The farm with the red roofed farm stands on the right) in Waitsfield.

Saturday & Sunday from 10am until 5pm

$5 per quart for Pick Your Own

Want already picked strawberries?

$7 per quart
$4 per pint


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Register for our Food, Healing & Wellness Retreat Programs. Only 6 per session.

Are you a woman seeking a profound shift in your life?

Join us for our 5 day/night, organic farm based, Food, Healing & Wellness Retreat Program for women. You will not come out thinking the same way as you did going in. You WILL come out refreshed, renewed, empowered, deeply connected to who you are at a soul level with a clearer idea of your life purpose, grounded and more connected to the Earth and it’s creatures with new friends.

Eat nourishing organic whole foods; try juicing and a raw food dinner; spend a day with horses learning about yourself and how you show up in the world; get a taste of different wellness tools, such as herbs, aromatherapy, acupunture, sound healing, massage, and more. Do a daily mindfulness practice-choosing how to respond to life’s ups and downs instead of react–with more peace and balance. Plant, weed, and harvest and learn what it takes to grow organic food with an organic farmer (Dave Hartshorn). Go for a hike, swim in the river, have a farm pizza dinner. And, so much more.

Only 6 women per program. First one starts on Summer Solstice, June 21. Sign up now.

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