What’s in season now?

Hi Good Food Loving Friends,

It’s October 18 2014. Today was the last Waitsfield Farmer’s Market. We still have a lot of organic veggies in the farm stand for sale, as well as pumpkins, winter squash, gourds, mums and Hartshorn maple syrup.

Check out Dave’s corn stalk structure this year…


It’s April 14th, the day before tax day, and thankfully I got mine done back in February.

We are waiting for the temperatures to warm up (who isn’t, right?) but in the meantime there is a lot of stuff growing in the heated greenhouse (tomatoes, cukes, flower seedlings, onions, leeks, and lettuce mix) as well as some items in the cold frame greenhouses (lettuce mix and spinach mostly).

Home and Garden TV, HGTV, is coming to visit Dave’s family’s sugarhouse on Friday, tomorrow. Hopefully there will be some sap to boil.

Also, Dave is attending a workshop at Dana Forest Farm to learn how to grow shitake mushrooms on logs. He’s got the logs cut and the mushroom spawn, now he needs the details. You can expect some delicious organic shitake mushrooms at some point, hopefully this season. Not sure what the timing is on when they will be ready.


It’s early March and the tomatoes, lettuce, and some of the flowers have been started. In a few weeks they will move into the heated greenhouse.

We’re eagerly awaiting the first farmer’s market on Memorial Day weekend.

Check back here regularly to see what’s happening.

Also, if you’d like a flower CSA, or a veggie/fruit CSA, please click on the link to get more information.


If you purchase your flower CSA before April 1, you’ll get an extra bouquet for free.

If you purchase your veggie/fruit CSA before April, you will get an extra 10% free.


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